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The Project

We're bound by marriage and a crazy ambition to explore and visually document each and every town in Oregon.  We hope you'll follow us along. 

Q. Every town, eh?  What are you considering a town?
A.  We're basing our project off the Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas 3rd (Made in Oregon) Edition by Benchmark Maps.  It provides a comprehensive list and gives us a physical reference as we track down all these crossroads.  If the map has a little white dot with a name, even though it's hardly a real "town", we're headed there.

Q.  Are you really ending in Zigzag?
A.  We don't plan on visiting each town in any particular order, but do plan to hit Zigzag last.

Q.  What do you hope to see or find along the way?
A.  Scenic backroad shortcuts, new friends, the lost Blue Bucket mine, anything left of D.B. Cooper's loot, and, if we're lucky, bigfoot.

Q.  Rumor is you two tend to quibble over the stupidest stuff during long road trips - is this true?
A.  Don't worry - we're not fighting, it's just our sarcasm enriched form of communication. And it probably means one of us is hungry, we're lost, or we simply can't agree on what to listen to.

Q.  How long is this going to take?
A.  We're not sure, a few years at least.  What's your guess?

Q.  How can I help?
A.  Sponsor us!

Q.  How can I get in touch with you two?
A.  Email us at

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