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Cascade Locks

Visited 09/08/12

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Sacagawea greets visitors to the Cascade Locks waterfront.

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The visitor center served as our lunch spot during this day's travels.

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The Columbia River Sternwheeler calls this port home.

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In the past, before the town's namesake locks provided an alternate route around the dangerous Cascade Rapids, ships required portage by Oregon's first steam rail engine (which is still on grounds).

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When Bonneville dam went online the immense backup of water caused the river to rise over 40 feet. The rapids disappeared and the Cascade Locks were rendered obselete. This stair case, which extends down into the depths to the old river level, serve as a haunting reminder of Oregon's past.

The ancient rapids once served as a primary Native American fishing point. Tribes still venture out on these wooden planks to dip-net for salmon, but none were present when we visited.

The three gates were each manned by a separate tender who lived and worked on-site in these houses. This one now serves as the Port of Cascade Locks Historical Museum.

The modern side of Cascade Locks is located along it's sleepy main drag.

Sleepy except for this ice-cream and burger joint which had a line down the block on this warm September day.

The tour of classic cars followed I-84 along and met up with us in Cascade Locks. This gave us a chance to appreciate these amazing antiques up close and personal.

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