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Visited 12/30/12

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Sandy traces it's roots back to the historic Barlow Road, and the early pioneer families. This stunning view is from the Jonsrud Viewpoint and looks down onto the Sandy River, the site of the old Revenue homestead and onward to the majestic Mount Hood.

It's great to see Sandy taking control of their identity and nurture an environment that respects their history while still promoting their current gateway status to the alpine adventures to it's east.

Jolie maintains a tradition of always stopping by Joe's Donut Shop during any visit to Sandy.  The line at the counter seems to show that many others feel the same way.

The friendly visitor's center provided us with a walking tour map of the towns many historical markers.

The town's public works have a charming aesthetic reminiscent of yesteryear and comforting in a mountain lodge sort of way.

We stopped in to explore the town's historical museum.  It's a treasure trove filled with relics of the area's pioneer days and logging heyday.  It also provided us a chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Boring - volunteers for the day and desendents of William H. Boring whose legacy we traced while zigzagging through the towns of Boring and Damascus

It sounds like Nettie was quite the gal.  

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