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Visited 11/28/14

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Jolie's mother went zigzagging with us today. She lives in nearby Newport, but attends church in Toledo and was keen to give us a tour.

While modern day Toledo, with it's classic main street and current focus on public art, is well worth a visit - it's the sort of place that makes me wish I had a time machine. The town was founded in the 1860's and grew into a major coastal destination as the terminus of a rail line from Corvallis. In 1884 Toledo was named the Lincoln County seat and remained so until 1954 when the seat was moved to nearby Newport. During World War I the military built a massive mill to provide lumber for airplane fuselages, but the war ended before production begin. The mill did come to life with a transfer of ownership and it is still a driving force in the town's economy, but today operates as a pulp mill.

We arrived in Toledo in the late afternoon and were starving. The Timbers, a local dinner with a friendly wait staff, came to our rescue.

Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion was filmed here and a block long mural includes memories of the days that Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and Henry Fonda walked these streets.

The Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society museum was a highlight of our visit. The vintage engines and rail cars were in excellent condition and immersed you in the rich local history.

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