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Visited 05/26/13

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Oregon has some seriously serpentine roads, but none has had us more on edge (pardon the pun) than Highway 66 heading East out of Ashland. It winds its way up the mountainside from the valley floor in the most precarious fashion. At one point the road was washed out and narrowed to a single lane. We had the bright idea taking this journey on a soupy fog filled morning when visibility was but a few hundred feet at times. Needless to say, it was a white-knuckled drive.

At the apex of the hill we found the tiny community of Lincoln.  It's challenging enough to get here now, so it's hard to imagine that this road follows the old Applegate Trail.  Furthermore it's crazy to think this was considered the safer alternative to the Oregon Trail which took a northern river-aligned route.

Lincoln had a few houses and this complex of buildings.  They were by and large empty, but in good repair.  They had the matching look and feel of a company town, but I can't find evidence of that being the case.

We didn't encounter any humans, but we did find some chickens.

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